Website Load Time Slowing Sales?

Speed Up Load Time, Speed Up Sales.

Load time is the time it takes for your website to fully render in a User's browser. Research shows that slow loading websites perform poorly. While your website may look visually appealing, Users will quickly close their Browser's tab and focus on the next one if you frustrate them with slow loading media.

Faster Loading Websites improve User Experience

In today's hectic world, Users demand a fast loading website, because they know it's possible. Internet connections are faster than ever, and waiting around for a website to load, digs into their valuable time. Why would they wait, when they've already opened 5 other sites in other tabs?

If your site loads before your competitor's sites, the other tabs will be closed to conserve the machine's resources, while yours remains open for further exploration. Some studies show a staggering 75% of customers will abandon a website with a load time greater than 4 seconds.

WordPress sites, FrontPage sites and generally, any site published by a "site builder" often have an excessive amount of inefficient code, slowing down load times substantially. We've come across sites that literally take minutes to load. Who on earth would bother waiting that long?

One must also remember that a large portion of traffic is made up of Smart Phones and Tablets often on slower 3G connections. At, we don't just monitor UpTime, we also monitor Load Time, showing you at a glance when action needs to be taken.


Every second counts. Each additional second of load time exponentially decreases generated income generating an income.

SEO Ranking

In 2010 Google announced that load time would be yet another one of many factors it uses to determine page ranking. Whilst content remains the most important factor in determining page ranking, it would be unwise to ignore load time when planning your SEO strategy.

Mobile Devices

Load time becomes even more important when your customers are viewing your website on a mobile device. Nearly three quarters of mobile internet users say that they have encountered a website that was too slow to use and more than half say that they've encountered websites that crashed or froze when viewed from their mobile devices.

It's simple

If you run an online business you simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of load time. A slower web page speed will lead to a poor User experience. A frustrated User is not in any mood to buy. A slow load time will an increase your visitor bounce rates. High bounce rate equate to low sales. Improve your page speed, keep your customers happy.