Website Monitoring Features

The following page highlights just some of features and benefits that this level of service offers you.

Text message alerts for instant notification

Sometimes email just won’t do. Depending on your mail server or device settings, emails can be delayed, or may even be affected by the outage itself. Purchasing our low cost SMS text message bundles means alerts can be issued via two different avenues.

Triple checks

Should your website go down, SiteStill Up checks it again and again before the alarm is raised. This triple check is aimed at making sure the outage we detected is actually an outage and not a less serious glitch. So, when the alarm is raised, it is something to be taken seriously.

Share the Responsibility

We know people are often busy or away on leave, so every website added to Sitestillup allows multiple contact details to be entered for both email and SMS notifications. So you, your team or even an entire department can act quickly in the event of an outage. When you employ SiteStillUp you are safe in the knowledge that dedicated members of your team receive the same alerts.

Glitch Reporting

Sometimes your website may appear as if it’s down, but when you refresh it suddenly reappears. We call these glitches; if we visit your site and its down but it comes back up during our triple recheck, it’s likely your site is experiencing network congestion and indiscriminately dropping traffic. Whilst the occasional drop isn’t a huge problem, it can point to more serious server problems and viewed over a longer period will have a negative affect on traffic and revenue. All glitches are recorded and available in your charts and reports giving you the necessary knowledge to make informed choices.

String Checks

String checks are a great way to make sure your website content is loading correctly. There are hundreds of reasons your website could disappear, while still returning a positive “200 OK” status. [READ MORE]

Full range of service checks

Ecommerce websites and dynamic websites often require other services to be fully functional. With that in mind, CGI, ASP, PHP and SMTP checks are all available from the user dashboard at no additional cost. Database driven websites are often interfaced by scripting languages such PHP or CGI. In the event of a database server failure, a web page depending on it will also fail, meaning you’d also experience database downtime.

Monitor Response Times

Website response times are becoming an increasingly important factor when building a website. In today’s world users have little patience, even Google will penalise slow and sluggish sites. Slow sites tend to perform poorly in search results and have higher bounce rates than faster loading websites. Sitestillup monitors response times so you can see how excessive external javascript and CSS files, heavy image media and resource intensive database calls increase page load times.

DNS and Port checking

If your website goes down, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction by performing the following additional downtime checks: NS, A and MS record checks, as well as reporting HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP Port statuses. We’ll include the results in your email notifications. By utilizing the full range of service checks, string checks and monitoring response times, website owners can more readily identify what has caused the outage.

Monthly reporting

Our monthly reports will give you a visual representation of your website’s performance. Statistics include total downtime, plotted down times, response times, seal impressions, seal clicks and much more.