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Are there any downsides to using WordPress?

December 2014

Once created, a WordPress site is easy to edit by simply dragging and dropping content. For the average person, WordPress makes website design accessible, in a simple to use & user-friendly package, but are there any downsides to using WordPress? 

Website Speed Slowing Sales?

October 2014

Load time is how long it takes before your web page has fully rendered in someone's browser. Research shows that slow load time will have a negative impact on your visitor-to-sale conversion rate. Your new website may look good, and be engaging, but will anyone ever see it? More on Website Page Speeds

What to do when your website goes down

September 2014

No webhost can guarantee 100% uptime for your website so sadly it's not a case of if your website will go down, but when. Web servers require maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, and are prone to hacks and attacks. Where do you start if your website disappears? Would you even know? .

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Website Uptime

October 2014

Your website is your most powerful tool for promoting your business, acting as a digital shop window and point of contact to a world full of customers, 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. Learn why keeping your website alive every second of the day is crucial. 5 Reasons your website must be up

How to Keep a WordPress Website Secure

October 2014

WordPress is one of the world's most popular blogging platforms, with an estimated 60 million WordPress sites published on the web. But something so popular and widely used is an obvious target for hackers. So how do you keep your WordPress site secure? Here are some top tips to help keep your Word Press site safe and sound. How to secure WordPress Websites

Our Top Ten Search Engine Optimization tips

October 2014

Lets face it, there's only one search engine you need to satisfy. It probably directs in excess of 90% of the website traffic world wide (don't quote us on that). There's really only a few things you need to know to optimize your website, but don't expect the world to coming knocking when you're done, only 10 organic website results fit on Google's front page. The truth is, you're never done, because once you are, so is your business. Here are our 10 top tips for writing SEO boosting content. Top Ten SEO tips