The Big 5 Reasons you should Monitor Your Website Uptime

These days it's vital for any serious businesses to have an online presence. Your website is one of your most powerful promotional tools, acting as a digital shop window and point of contact to a world-full of customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You know that a website is important for your business, so you've put time, effort and money into creating one. But now that it's up and running, why should you worry about monitoring it?

1. Instant Outage Alerts to Minimize downtime

Often a website will be inaccessible for a period of time, come back up again, and the owner would never have even been aware of it. This is because website hosting companies can host hundreds of websites on a single website server. One of the many hundreds of customers may have noticed the outage by chance and written to the host about it. Several hours later, the host may have resolved the issue and your website has come back online. All while you were asleep. What you don't know, can hurt your online store!

It's easy to become complacent when operating a website. Every time you check, it seems to be ok. Let do the checking for you as often as 1,440 times a day (every minute), and instantly notify you via SMS and/or email if an outage is detected. With your website back up and running sooner, you may find the time between website generated orders is reduced.

When your site has crashed, the sooner you know about it the sooner you can take corrective action to restore website operations. Instant notification from a reputable site monitoring service means you can start addressing the problem immediately which means your website will be back in business sooner.

2. Prevent Lost Sales and Damage to your Reputation

The longer that your website is down, the more damage is caused to your business. When your customers can't access your site it can lead to a direct loss of sales, reduced consumer confidence and also gives them a free pass to visit your competitor's websites. SiteStillUp's Site monitoring ensures you're instantly notified of website failures, which means you can take corrective measures sooner, which mean your doors are open for business longer, which potentially means more sales and more satisfied customers.

For more tips on how to reduce the damage caused by downtime see: What to do when your website goes down.

3. Re-act to Site Security Breeches

Our monitoring service will not only alert you when your website has crashed due to a technical failure, it can also alert you when your site has been hacked, hi-jacked, has a virus, malware or adware injected. Even large corporate websites with millions of dollars invested in online security are vulnerable to attacks. You may wake to find your entire website has been deleted. The best Disaster Management Plans are of little value when they're not activated due to unknown intrusions. An early website intrusion warning will see you back in business sooner.

4. Maintain and Improve your SEO Rank

Website uptime and load time both play a role in Search Engines' ranking algorithms. They too want to keep their customers happy and prefer not to direct them to slow loading, unstable websites. If your site suffers from repeated outages you can be almost certain it will be buried so deep in the Search Results, that you'll probably be the only User that ever finds it.

5. Peace of Mind

Relax, we've got you covered. Take the worry out of monitoring your online operations. Try our service absolutely free, no credit card required. You'll be glad you did.