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Receive SMS text and email notifications the minute a problem is detected and never unwittingly lose sales again.

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Special Business Show Offer

Sitestillup is excited to announce that our gift cards will be appearing in selected retailers soon! To celebrate, we are attending the Great British Business Show (London ExCel 13/14th of May 2015) with 500 gift cards at a strictly limited price of:

£24 for 6 months (Was £50)
£39 for 12 months (Was £100)

We recommend reserving your card now so you don’t miss out at the event. If you can’t attend the business show, don't panic, you can still reserve a card! Simply follow the link below and enter your details, we’ll call you on the week commencing the 18th of May to arrange delivery.

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Uptime / Downtime Monitoring

When a website goes down it may be hours or even days before you realise. It's no secret that time is money, especially in the Internet industry. SiteStillUp provides you with round the clock site monitoring. Instant notifications of a problem allow your site to get back to business sooner.

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Outage & Recovery Alerts

SMS* or email the instant a problem is discovered. When an outage is recorded, SiteStillUp automatically polls your website with increased frequency so you are kept informed and made aware of any recovery sooner.

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Triple Check & Glitch Recording

Less Panic, more Accuracy. We'll check, recheck and re-check again with a 15 second delay between each check before raising the alarm. Intermittent outages (usually caused by temporary spikes in traffic or network congestion) can also be set to trigger notifications if desired.

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Monitor More Services

Static home pages usually give no indication of a dynamically produced web page or database server failure. With SiteStillUp you can also monitor your ASP, CGI, PHP and SMTP servers at no extra charge.

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SiteWarranty Trust Seal, now included in all our packages

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A SiteWarranty trust seal shows your website has been verified by an independent third party. Establishing trust with your website visitors is a vital part of online business which helps increase conversions and repeat visits, and this, in turn, leads to improved search engine rankings.

SiteWarranty trust seals are easy to install on your website or CMS (Content Management System), such as Wordpress and WIX. Choose from four clean seal designs, all easily adaptable to fit into any space on any website.

Customer Reviews

We’ve increased conversions by 22% by reducing downtime. Its great to know that should our new server run into any problems, we’ll know about it instantly.

Sweet Cures

Sitestillup has been a fantastic tool to monitor my own website and my clients websites. It's surprising just how a few minutes downtime here and there can add up to more serious problem.
Highly Recommended


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Unrivalled Customer Service

While our business is predominantly online, we’re also available by phone, email and via the usual social media channels. We’re here for you when you need us.

site monitoring affiliate scheme

Everyone’s an Affiliate

Our in-house affiliate program is built into to every account and can be switched on from your dashboard. Choose professionally designed banners or simply link to us through regular hyperlinks and earn commissions. Every website is a potential advertising board.

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